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The Marne

Yours to explore from our hotel

World-renowned for its champagne that pours through its valley, the department of the Marne boasts, in addition to its glorious wines, a wonderful architectural heritage, as illustrated in the buildings of the towns of Epernay, Reims, and Châlons-en-Champagne, the charming churches of the Pays du Der and the Ardre Valley, or the magnificent Basilique de l’Épine. Indeed, there’s plenty to delight lovers of fine food and drink and lovers of religious monuments. Lovers of water sports will also have plenty to do with the presence of the largest artificial lake in Europe, the Lac du Der-Chantecoq, just 1 hour 30 minutes from the hotel.

From holy and memorial sites to parks, museums, and historic districts, the tourist and cultural heritage of the Marne department is highly diverse and is sure to surprise you.

From Attila to Clovis or Joan d’Arc, and from the Battle of Valmy during the Revolutionary Wars to the battles of the Great War, the history of the Marne is strongly tied to the history of France. Memories of the past come to life with each visit, which is sure to delight lovers of history and heritage.

The Marne department is also a place of memory. It found itself at the heart of the battles of the First World War, and even today, each site is marked by a trace of it still visible to this day, while major remembrance sites invite visitors to reflect. 
Even today, the Marne department is still devoted to never forgetting the sacrifices through a unique and imposing heritage of memorial. Numerous sites exist to help you better understand our past, including the Fort de la Pompelle; the Monument de Mondement; the Monument de Navarin; the National Memorial of the Battles of the Marne in Dormans; the Centre d’Interprétation Marne 14-18 in Suippes; Mont-Moret; the memorial sites in Argonne; and the many military cemeteries.


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